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Sodium alginate seaweed noodles in the new

Sodium alginate is a natural plant polysaccharide derived from seaweed, dietary fiber, has hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, clean intestines, rid the body of heavy metals and other health functions. Moment in the pursuit of a healthy diet, sodium alginate role in food has not only limited to the scope of food additives, as a function of factors, health elements, will be more widely used in a variety of functional foods, health foods . Here to introduce the use of sodium alginate in seaweed noodles in a novel, the production process is simple noodles, noodle chewiness, taste better.

New seaweed noodles case is the use of sodium alginate gel of calcium produced a noodle food, while adding functionality seaweed concentrated powder, is a green, healthy and safe natural food. Seaweed noodles process is simple, good taste, suitable for salad, stir-fried, to meet the various needs of consumers. Functional properties of sodium alginate to increase the nutritional value of seaweed noodles. Also with different flavors of fruit and vegetable juice concentrate substitute seaweed powder, it can also be prepared a variety of rich flavor, smooth taste, nutrition and health care functions in one of the characteristics of noodles.

Production process:

1. The 1% sodium alginate formulated as glue, foaming, spare;

2. Preparation of 2% water concentration of calcium (calcium chloride) standby;

3. Take glue 400ml, add 50g and 10g starch seaweed powder (may be appropriate to adjust the amount added depending on the circumstances) Stir well to dissolve leaking into the water 2% calcium, curing 30min, after washing with water, cook in boiling water for 10min after fishing out;

4. Methods of food: salad, fried can be, when eating chewy taste.

Sodium alginate derived from natural seaweed, able to maintain and improve the nutritional value of food, improve the sensory properties of food, favorable food processing, and the world has been through a lot of tests proved to be a very safe food additive. With the development of healthy, functional foods, reached "low fat and healthy" diet, they also meet the people enjoy the taste of the product, sodium alginate prospect will be more extensive, will lead a fashion healthy diet event.