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High-quality products meatball was added sodium alginate

With the improvement of living standards, the human diet has long been beyond the simple stage just to feed their families, "delicious" and "health" is becoming the focus of many people pursue. As an alginate extracted from natural seaweed safe non-toxic, low heat health polysaccharide polymer, with its unique thermal irreversible gel, excellent thickening stability, water retention, Lead Health and other functions, is steadily into the fields of medical, health care and food.

In the ranks of colorful food, meat products as a part of people's daily diet, both to the people of full abundance of taste, and gave people with essential nutrients and energy in the pursuit of low-fat, healthy, care of our times, to provide low-fat new luster to its unique properties of sodium alginate by delicious meat meat has become a major issue of developers, a healthy, health food is inseparable from the natural and safe functional food additive in various meat products play different roles.

Sodium alginate has a unique cold gel and thermal irreversible gel properties, applied meatballs can effectively improve the brittleness of meatball products, elasticity, water retention, so that tissue products more compact and delicate; freeze-thaw resistance strong to prevent the freezing and thawing process products dehydration rupture, extend shelf life, can significantly reduce the cooking loss products to prevent precipitation of fat and flavor, the taste of the product and the production rate increased significantly, greatly reduce production costs. This feature polysaccharide sodium alginate from the sea in Chiang meat slowly revealed in its unique characteristics.

Proposed formula (applications in the meatball)

1. Weigh 1.5-2.0 parts of this product was poured into a stirred solution of 100 parts of water (room temperature), stirred for about 10min until a viscous colloidal (stirring speed of 1500r / min), a square container upside down (inverted colloidal thickness not too high, with a ceiling of five centimeters), at 0-4 ℃ above conditions still 8-12h, glue formed elastic gels, stranding 2mm granular backup.

2. In the process of making meatballs, add the minced gel particles in the step of added fat, added in an amount of 25% -50% of the original amount of the formulation of water. For example: the original formula of water is 100, add about 50 jelly, add water 75, other components remain unchanged.

"Fucoidan" a valuable resource that people obtain from the ocean blue will be accompanied by the construction of the economic zone into the homes of ordinary people, the people of China to build a healthy and promising table! Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group as the world's largest alginate one of the production base, is willing to provide high-quality high-limitation of alginate and ingredients for the parties to a friend!