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Blue Shandong industrial layout is complete

Qingdao City, Shandong Province marine industry park Huangdao Shandong Province was identified as the first departments of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone marine characteristics industrial park, which undoubtedly Huangdao development of marine industry has injected a dose of confidence.

Seafood and more concentrated

"Dreams are talking about China, as a new Jiaonan Huangdao old man, I hope from the land to the sea, to realize our dream of the blue." Huangdao District Development and Reform Commission official told reporters, Huangdao District Development marine industry It is not just a person's dream, with the "maritime power" strategy of deepening throughout the Huangdao District are overlooking the magnificent ocean, dreaming blue dreams.

"Look here, so many new industries, before this place look around, in addition to crops dirt road is now not the same, the marine industry to get together, we increasingly heavy seafood here." Jiaonan Economic Development Zone in life for 20 years old retired worker Pang said.

New Jiaonan Huangdao is past, the county has a strong industry clusters, the booming textile industry, machinery manufacturing, tire manufacturing. With the west coast economic area construction curtain opened, the new Huangdao also began its industrial transformation of the road, continue to do the old industrial and stronger at the same time, in order to Dongjiakou gathering area represented by the port economy become Huangdao the new economic growth point.

Small algae production value of billions

Huangdao marine industry park planning area of ​​5,000 acres, by 2012 revenues marine economy 5.483 billion yuan, accounting for 85.6% of the total revenue of the park, the leading industry R & D investment accounted for 4.6% of revenue, completed its annual output will reach 100 billion yuan.

Responsible person, the entire industrial park plans to use five years or so, into a set of marine functional food ingredients, marine drugs, seafood processing, marine cosmetics, marine medical dressings specialized production in one of the intensive development of the park. After the completion of the park, will be the country's unique marine life blue industrial park, seaweed processing industry has become the world's highest-tech, most species-wide processing, value-added products the highest marine industry base, the annual output value will reach 100 billion yuan .

Blue industrial layout initially completed

In the past a high proportion of new industrial layout Huangdao, the emerging industry has begun to take shape in blue, high-tech institutes everywhere, involving blue projects flourish, the old industrial areas continued their strong state, the port economy slowly developed into a mainstay, together with the emerging marine industry, the industrial structure has become diversified Huangdao District, graded from a strong industrial zone into a set of industry, agriculture, services and new industries in a comprehensive industrial parks.

Huangdao District, a total investment of 112.693 billion yuan this year, accelerate the development of urban levels of total 111 key projects. In this 111 key projects, Blue Economy Project 37, the largest proportion of all industrial projects a ring. The next step will be Huangdao blue economy, high-tech, vigorously develop new industries, and to focus on overseas investment projects.

Which of course can not do without technology support, only Huangdao marine industry park gathered above the provincial level enterprise technical centers and research and development center 4, the field of biological and technological achievements obtained 16 patents and provincial major awards 2 item. The "marine aquatic protein, carbohydrate and lipid efficient use of resources key technology research and application of" National Science and Technology Progress Award; "low marine aquatic efficient use of technology research and development" by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Progress First award.